About Us

About Us


Newlyweds Sarah and Connor Crowe shopped around Texas for a custom shed that was high quality but not high-priced. What they found, however, were sheds that were either extremely expensive or poorly made.

With Connor's background in construction and Sarah's design ideas, they opted to build their own shed and tailor it to fit their specific needs. The result was so successful, they were inspired to build a new business in the process.

Crowe Barn Builders, LLC was born of the desire to provide durable, extremely well- made, custom mini barns and sheds with the best prices around. With a wide range of features and architectural elements to choose from, Crowe structures are created uniquely for each customer and made to last.

Crowe's mission is to set a new standard in the industry, with integrity at the heart of everything they do. They approach each new project as a relationship to be built on communication and customer satisfaction, with the result being a structure that they're proud to put their name on.

Crafted at their shop right here in Texas and delivered anywhere in the Lone Star state, Crowe barns and sheds are completed efficiently, then installed on the property in just one day.

Why does crowe barn builders have a leg up on the competition?

Why does crowe barn builders have a leg up on the competition?

Quality, plain and simple.

We did not set out that day to take photos of a competitor's product, we simply stepped inside their structure and this happened. The flooring pictured is a substance commonly used to build sheds and mini barns called OSB (Oriented Strand Board). Most manufacturers use it because it's a lot cheaper than real wood, even though those savings are rarely passed on to the customer.

OSB is notorious for holding up poorly in humid climates, and as this photo shows, can be downright dangerous if it gets wet. Clearly, NOT a good choice for Texas.

Crowe Barn Builders would never even consider using OSB for our structures. We use only ¾" solid plywood, treated to withstand the outdoor elements. Although we use premium materials, we keep our prices competitive so that you can enjoy a structure that is built to last.

Ask us about the other quality control steps that we take so that you never have to worry about stepping into a Crowe mini barn or shed.